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Applying a great spray tan is not rocket science, but having the necessary experience and knowledge is very useful!

When I first came in contact with spray tanning in 1999 I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, spray tanning was relatively unknown in The Netherlands at that point. You could only get training, and therefore experience, in foreign countries. After working with spray tanning as a hobby for a few years, and following all new developments in the industry, I opened one of the first spray tanning salons in The Netherlands. Bodytan was born.

By listening to my clients, and by trying out various equipment, liquids and tanning techniques, I have gained in-depth knowledge and experience. This is also the main reason why Bodytan has flourished in just a short amount of time and has become a household name in the world of bodybuilding.

But professional equipment alone is not enough. Apart from delivering a stunning result we also strive to provide excellent service. Personal contact with athletes, listening to their concerns and wishes, and exuding professionalism and expertise build trust. Combine this with our continuous enthusiasm and excellent service, and satisfied customers keep coming back.
Do you have questions or comments about our Bodytan spray tanning service? Feel free to let us know! Only through your questions and comments can we improve our service!

Keep on tanning!